Why Digisil?

We understand that choosing a software provider is challenging. At Digisil, we take great pride in demonstrating our reputation, clients and project experience, ensuring you have confidence in our knowledge, our solution performance and our commitment to customer service. Our end-to-end service combines Digisil’s proven, flexible methodology with our advanced proprietary software architecture, minimising development time and delivering maximum ROI. We understand the importance of transparency, providing our clients not only with full clarity throughout all stages of the project, but also confidence that our solution will truly fit your requirements. Our solutions are high performance and rigorously tested. Our experienced approach will explore and uncover options to transform and simplify your business processes.

What makes our solutions high performance?

Being web-based or “cloud”, our solutions offer all the benefits of cloud technology, as opposed to desktop, client-server or “off-the-shelf” software.

  • Highest level security, data protection and encryption technologies
  • Significantly reduced IT overheads and infrastructure requirement
  • Fully customisable for a complete business-to-software fit
  • Simple and inexpensive upgrades and maintenance
  • Clean, user-friendly and intuitive interfaces, creating optimum “user experience” and uptake
  • Accessibility of data, anywhere & anytime, global & mobile
  • Scalability to meet changing business access requirements
  • Real-time access, reports and business intelligence “dashboards”
  • Proven and rigorously tested software platform providing fast, bug-free performance and total

Will Digisil understand my business?

You may think you require a solution that requires detailed knowledge of your field or a software specialist in your field. At Digisil, we have many years experience in understanding a wide range of businesses and industries. We are not just about software; what sets us apart is our ability to listen and interpret, to ask the right questions. We will formulate a software or app solution that matches your exact requirements, improves your processes and makes your business a more productive, efficient enterprise.

Can’t find a solution to fit your requirements?

You may have a specific business requirement or set of requirements and can’t seem to find a solution that matches. It may be that the software you have looked at does too much, or too little. It may seem to fit another industry, or be too geared towards sales rather than client management. Talk to us. We have many years experience in developing custom solutions for businesses, working with existing legacy systems to build in new functionality or developing software add ons as businesses recognise the need to update dated systems or tap into new markets with affordable marketing tools.

Worried about putting your data in the cloud?

No worries. Our solutions are completely bullet-proof and secure. But, if you really want to keep your software and data in-house, we can create a hybrid solution that will allow you to keep all of your sensitive information on your own network whilst still getting all the benefits of the cloud. Talk to us to find out how.

Finding the app or software options on the market too expensive?

No matter. We may have something to fit your requirements.  Talk to us about our modular web software solutions, available as subscription (SaaS) or “off-the-shelf” pricing models. Alternately, our custom-built solutions are surprisingly affordable, and have been proven to cost less in the long term than some SaaS solutions on the market.

Can’t find a pricing model to suit your budget?

We understand that software and apps can be a big outlay. We can offer an up front purchase, monthly payments or subscription model (SaaS) pricing solutions. We are also proud to ensure an excellent long term ROI on our solutions, in terms of both business process improvement and IT infrastructure reductions.

Need a solution but you’re not exactly sure what it should be?

We specialise in this kind of problem. Often businesses may have a legacy system of inefficient system which they know needs replacing, but with what? Talk to us. Our years of experience will ensure we uncover the best solution to fit your requirements; maybe even some you had never thought possible.

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