Our Software

Maximise ROI from your software and IT investments with the experts in cloud software.

Solutions that fit your unique business requirements and your IT budget

From specific business tools to integrated enterprise solutions, Digisil will develop a custom-built, fully supported solution that increases your productivity and fits your unique business requirements.

From core business modules requiring minimal customisation to fully custom-built solutions, Digisil provides cloud software solutions that are market-tested, high-performance and robust. And because of our unique proprietary software architecture, our proven development methodology and our business model, our solution pricing is significantly lower than other Saas and cloud software companies on the market.

Our Cloud Software

Digisil offers a comprehensive range of business software solutions. These can be implemented with minimal customisaton, saving you time and considerable capital outlay, or they can be completely customised, depending on your unique requirements. We are always creating new solutions, including:

  • Event Management
  • Exhibitor Manual
  • CRM
  • Marketing & Sales
  • HR
  • Stock & Purchasing
  • e-Commerce
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Accreditation
  • Mobile Applications

We can also custom-build any software solution to fit your unique business requirements. Our software can be integrated with app solutions or delivered in a mobile format.

Software Designed to Improve your Productivity & Increase Performance

Our user-friendly and intuitive cloud software is designed to:

  • free you from time-consuming administrative tasks
  • replace disparate systems and spreadsheets
  • centralise your data
  • introduce processes to improve your proocesses
  • give you tools to grow your business
  • enable you to focus on your business strategy

Digisil software solutions deliver what packaged software can’t: a complete business-to-software fit with 100% tailored functionality.

Superior Technology & Performance: In the Cloud

Being web-based, our solutions offer all the benefits of cloud technology, as opposed to desktop” or “off-the-shelf” software.

  • High-level security, data protection and encryption technologies
  • Significantly reduced IT overheads and infrastructure requirements
  • Fully customisable for a complete business-to-software fit
  • Simple and inexpensive upgrades and maintenance
  • Clean, intuitive interfaces, creating optimum user experience and uptake
  • Accessibility of data, anywhere & anytime, global & mobile
  • Scalability to meet changing business access requirements
  • Real-time reports and business intelligence “dashboards”
  • Proven and rigorously tested software platform providing fast, bug-free performance and total

At Digisil, we specialise in analysing a business’s internal processes and formulating the most efficient, business-to-software fit. Our end-to-end service combines Digisil’s proven, flexible methodology with our advanced proprietary software architecture, minimising development time and delivering maximum ROI.

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