Need an app for your staff or clients? Give your workforce and clients full mobile accessibility and capability with our integrated or stand alone app solutions, developed and delivered on any mobile platform.

Digisil specialises in delivering apps that provide the critical combination of enhanced user experience and robust performance.

Does my business need an app?

Mobile applications are no longer an option for small businesses; they’re a necessity.

The fundamental appeal of branded, business-centric mobile applications is clear: whatever your company does online can also be done on smartphones or tablets, adding accessibility, portability, location targeting and other cutting-edge technological enhancements to the mix. The potential of mobile apps extends far beyond marketing. Companies can leverage applications to promote their products and services, reaching on-the-go consumers. Mobile apps support online purchase transactions, customer loyalty programs, turn-by-turn directions and social media interactions.

Internal business apps are invaluable tools in empowering a more efficient, active and client-focused workforce. They provide sales and product information, business intelligence and purchasing tools,  keeping your workforce informed and in the marketplace.

How do I ensure my business apps deliver good ROI?

1. Do we really need a consumer or internal business app? Small businesses can really take advantage of the perception that apps are only for large companies. It’s an impressive thing for any business to have, like a website was 20 years ago. It sets your company apart, gives you greater exposure to a wide audience and puts you on the same playing field as larger companies, whom consumers now expect to have an app. You can integrate your internal business apps with your core business solutions, providing invaluable data and flexibility to your sales teams and keeping them in the field.

2. Know what message you want to send. Before you start working on your consumer or business app, make sure you know what you’re selling or what functionality you want, what you’re about and the look and feel you want. You also need to know what content you want to put in. You can integrate your app with your software, social media, website, YouTube or blog.

3. Understand your audience. Mobile consumer applications are where people are going to interact with their favourite brands, but you have to know what your customers are interested in. Apps allow for new kinds of user experiences and a different community feel than the web, which results in real engagement and commerce opportunities. Fans and users spend more money in apps compared to websites, and they come back more often if they enjoy the user experience. For business apps, critical information delivery in a clear format is key; understand what your workforce needs and how best to deliver it. Reliable and fast integration with your software is crucial, requiring high performance software and app architecture.

4. Clarify what you want your app to achieve. Whether or not an app is successful depends on clear goal and specification setting. Is it the total number of downloads, or how often people are coming back? How responsive are customers when offers are pushed out? How viral is your content? Or is it how many people are opting in and giving you their e-mail address? In terms of internal business apps, is it sales and marketing material, ordering capability and reporting? Do you need business card scanners, stock query and time management tools?

5. Choose your platform/s: Android, iOS, Windows phone, Blackberry. Consider your options and whether you want multiple platforms. Digisil can advise you on the best strategy.

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